Four generations of men and women have succeeded one another at AUDEMARD always with the same passion for enterprise.
1885 Antoine AUDEMARD creates his company in the Massif Central.
1905 The Moroccan adventure begins with the supply of ballast.
1915 Aided by his son Claudius, Antoine orients the company’s business abroad with the building of roads and maritime work in Algeria.
1950 With the arrival of Claude and Paul AUDEMARD, “AUDEMARD et Fils” participates in major development work in the Sahara desert.
1962 The company establishes itself in Nice and opens its first quarry.
1970 Start of business in Africa and Oceania.
1980 Creation in Hong-Kong of a quarry producing 2,000,000 tons per year.
1989 Development of a new business in New Caledonia: ready-mixed concrete.
1991 Success in Southeast Asia (Indonesia, Malaysia) in the operation of quarries.
1993 Arrival of Daniel and Philippe Audemard at the head of the company.
1995 Creation of a new industrial quarry in the Var.
1997 Purchase of the largest quarry in Guadeloupe.
2000 Acquisition of a concrete mixing plant and quarry in French Guyana.
2005 Large nickel mining contract obtained in New Caledonia.
2007 Acquisition of a concrete mixing plant in Alpes-Maritimes.
2008 Development of a new business: recycling inert materials.
2013 Creation of a new quarry in Martinique.